This book engages the reader in the momentum of change generated by the digital transformation of the globe and the internet.
It offers a panoramic view of the scope for excellence in the book business, and shows the way from Individual author in self publishing to a vast landscape of professional Entrepreneurship.
Authors Digital Enterprise covers and conveys the nature of Artificial Intelligence and Bot support for authors through innovative contemporary sites suited for workflow. The book maps new apps based on robotics and satellites, available for integration in corporate CRM’s that give security and strength to the authors mission, by interpreting sales success through phone conversations, through segmentation of customers, through push notification options and technologies that support readers engagement.
Authors Enterprise become easy when campaigning metrics and systems are researched on Facebooks company or fan pages. The book helps the author graduate from self publishing and campaigning at individual level to advanced systems that can be integrated with Amazons CPC sales strategies.
The book is packed with images and guidelines for optimized product description in the B2B Marketplace, and approaches for structured business administration in targeting the vast web traffic to the authors site.
It is a must for Amazon book sellers reaching out for Inbound and Outbound marketing.


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