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Rick Stiggins

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Jan Chappuis

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“The overall theme of this text is that assessment is a deliberate, thoughtful process done on many levels that can enhance and guide the instructional process. This text moves students from the general (What is assessment?) to the specific (How do you create multiple choice tests that will provide valid and reliable data?) . . . . The focus on assessment for learning . . . is an important way of considering assessment that most students do not think about.” –
Leigh Ausband, UNC Charlotte


Brief Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Classroom Assessment for Student Success
Chapter 2 Why We Assess
Chapter 3 What We Assess: Clear Learning Targets
Chapter 4 Designing Quality Classroom Assessments
Chapter 5 Selected Response Assessment
Chapter 6 Written Response Assessment
Chapter 7 Performance Assessment
Chapter 8 Personal Communication as Assessment
Chapter 9 Record Keeping: It’s More Than Paperwork
Chapter 10 Students Collecting and Reflecting on Evidence of Their Learning
Chapter 11 Report Card Grading: Summarizing Achievement at a Point in Time
Chapter 12 Effective Communication with Conferences
Appendix A Assessing Dispositions
Appendix B Understanding Standardized Tests