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Nuit is a Maltese Serbian author, spiritual researcher and trainer, whose work focuses on mindfulness, alchemy, conscious parenting, and self-development. Born in 1968, in Belgrade, Serbia, BSc in Economics, she worked for many years in Marketing and Management Consultancy within the Office of Prime Minister of Malta, and within KPMG Crimsonwing (UK).

Always fascinated with energies of: Love, Divine, Power of Mind, Creativity, Tao, Living one’s Highest Potential, Nuit writes self-development courses, poetry, novels exploring topics of inner-development, esoteric or occult teachings, and New Consciousness. The main theme of her Mindfulness Books is our alchemy transformation, the alchemy of soul, our everlasting quest to find the gold within, discovering the stone that transforms metals into gold.

After helping Father George build a school in a remote area of Ethiopia, Nuit entered the most amazing world of parenting adopting two kids from Ethiopia as a single mum. Nuit left her Management Consultancy job to follow this amazing journey into the parenthood. At the moment she says that her kids are actively teaching her how to be a more loving, mindful and conscious parent. Ema and Andrej love and train basketball, play music, act within a Music Theater Group and were Chess Champions of Malta.

Nuit has traveled through more than 50 countries and lived in 5: UK, New Zealand, Holland, Serbia and Malta. Worked as Head of Business Development, Trainer and Organizer of various Body Mind Spirit Festivals in Malta, she now writes and lectures about variety of spiritual and self’development topics.


In 1991 published her first book: Contracts for Companies and Individuals, in Serbia with Dr. Miomir Pantović. In 2012 Nataša started the Alchemy of Love Mindfulness Project and until 2017 published 9 Mindfulness Books.

* ”Art of 4 Elements | Discover Alchemy through Poetry” (2015)

* ”A Guide to Mindful Eating | Conscious Eating” (2015)

* ”Mindful Eating with Delicious Raw Vegan Recipes | Mindful Eating” (2015)

* ”Mindful Being towards Mindful Living Course | Mindfulness Training” (2015)

* ”Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents | Conscious Parenting” (2016)

* ”Chanting Mantras with Best Chords | Chanting Mantras” (2016)

* ”Ama Alchemy of Love | 17th century journey into enlightenment” (2017)

* ”Tree of Life | Spiritual Poetry Book” (2017)

* ”Conscious Creativity | Mindfulness Meditations” (2017)

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Some weird and wonderful things about me:

– I’ve never had a TV or a mobile phone.
– I’ve read 1,000s of books exploring the subjects of spirituality. I learned from many gurus and sages of our past and present
– my life story book has many pages within the world of Marketing and Management Consultancy and work as Trainer.
– some of the more intriguing pages talk about 25 years of Yoga and Meditation, and my spiritual exploration journey through Theosophy, Zen, Tantra, Antroposophy, Yoga and my yogic vegetarian life-style where I danced barefoot in the rain, meditated for hours in search of God, organized 6 Body, Mind and Spirit Festivals, explored Megalithic Temples and was one of the organizers of a 10 days Megalithic Conference in Malta
– the world of love and relationships is deep and soul enriching and I had a most amazing opportunity to explore its reaches in over 18 years of relationships. I now regularly publish articles on Relationships, Mindfulness and Personal Growth
– my soul is the one of a nomad and during my life-time I visited more than 50 countries, set foot on all the continents, and lived in five. My friends are from all around the globe. My home is in Amsterdam, London, Belgrade, Sliema, Rome, Sydney, Lisbon wherever I find my heart beating the same rhythm.
– my latest project is Conscious Creativity: Mindfulness Meditations

Mindfulness Quotes

“Self-development is a way of Life. Our Self-Development never ends. We are never too young or too old for personal growth. We have an amazing potential to reach our highest potential, to have truly inspiring careers and loving relationships. Unfortunately, often we walk through our lives asleep, we let our habits rule us, and find it difficult to change our beliefs. Recognizing the power of our Mind and the power of our Soul, learning the art of Concentration and Love, we are learning to Live with the Flow, not against it. It is in our nature to learn and grow. For happiness we need to learn to Love, we need to learn to Concentrate and we should keep the flow and energy of inspiration within our lives.”

Nuit Mindful Being Quote on Self Development

“We do food every single day! Conscious Eating is a big step towards Conscious Living. Quality and Quantity of Food is directly related to our Health and state of mind. We can use food to help us recover from Stress and Disease. Not taking food seriously will eventually lead to Stress or/and Disease.” –

Mindful Eating Quote, Natasa Pantovic Nuit