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ThirdScribe Book Pages Are Best in Class.
Here’s Why.


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More Than Just a Listing.


Reviews, Forums, Social, Calendar, Email – all in one place.


Reviews are Consolidated.


Not only can members review books on ThirdScribe, but they can see what others are saying over on GoodReads and Amazon as well.


Book Specific Forums.


When it comes to forums, we’ve kept it simple: just go to the book. Worried about keeping track of all of the conversations? Don’t be, all of your forum activity is collected and organized in your Member Profile.


Go Beyond Book Reviews.


There’s a lot more to having a conversation about books than reviews. Feel free to share pictures and video, post updates, tell stories, and ask questions.


Recommendations Built Right In

If you liked one book, you’ll probably like others like it. We make it easy for you to find them.

ThirdScribe book pages link to every other book by the same author, other books in the series, and the most popular books in the same subgenre. No tracking or bots, just common sense.


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