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ThirdScribe is a premier literary community supporting Readers and Writers.
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Real Help for Authors

ThirdScribe provides authors with valuable tools to help them build a community and promote their books.

  • With our Enter Once system, ThirdScribe Author Sites have five times more clicks to purchase than ordinary sites.

  • Our Book Pages are interactive, social empowered, and retail oriented.

  • Talk to your readers with your own dedicated Book and Author forums.

  • Keep full control over your data, purchase links, and tracking.

  • And get quality help with our unbelievable, concierge support.


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A Place for Book Lovers

We love everything about books, so we created a place that celebrates them, their creators, and the readers who love them.

Here you can find a great book to read, buy a signed copy, talk to the author, share your review, and look up other’s reviews from Goodreads or Amazon. You can post updates, pics, links.

It’s the perfect spot for readers, authors, and publishers to get together over their favorite subject: books.

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