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We’re All About Books.

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A Unique Book Platform.

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ThirdScribe was designed around our core tenets of communication, respect, and empowerment. As a result, our platform is focused on our members and their books, not advertising.


We’re Serious About Books.


Created to make books really stand out, ThirdScribe book pages are a lot more than a simple book listing. There’s nothing else like them on the web.

And, we think they look pretty good, too.


Built For Conversation.

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ThirdScribe is more than a book listing, it’s a conversation engine.


Many Paths to Discovery.

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Word of mouth is the most potent method of promoting books. Period. Hands Down.


ThirdScribe is built around this principle. Our book page has categories like “Most Active” and “Most Popular” instead of the traditional “Bestseller.”


Every time a member interacts with a book page, it’s thrown to the top of the lists. So, the more popular and active a book, the more attention it gets.


Book Centric, User Focused.




ThirdScribe does not look like other book networks. They were designed to promote advertising, we were designed to promote books.


ThirdScribe was made for interaction and sharing — not just on our network, but on every network. ThirdScribe activities are embeddable, shareable, and configurable. Why? Because that’s where the world is.

We believe in breaking down barriers, not building up new ones.


Author Empowerment


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ThirdScribe provides authors with actual tools they can use to grow and connect with their audience.

Author Pages serve as the perfect online hub. It houses your profile and your books in an extremely accessible, and easily shareable, way. It can gather emails. It can be easily tailored to fit your brand. And, it’s free.


ThirdScribe provides authors with a complete support system, providing valuable tools that suit their preference at every level of their career. Want something simple? Stay simple. Want more capability or more personal assistance? Go for it.

Upgrades are cheap, powerful, and designed specifically for author needs.


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